About a Canter of about 2008

I add the 2015 weight car fuel economy standards conformity car which carried 4M42 (T3) model diesel engine in 2008. Canter gut and gasoline gut were abolished.
I changed the shape of the side turn lamp afterwards to adopt an immobilizer in all car models, and to adapt it to new light device regulation (preservation standard about the occupant protection from the high voltage for the hybrid car) required from July 1, 2012. About the eco-hybrid, I improved the engine output, mileage performance and largely enlarged model development and set a newly normal license-adaptive car and lengthiness of a reel of film or tape car newly. In addition, I reopened sale of the Canter used truck.
Furthermore, I extended the setting of the weight car fuel economy standards conformity car largely in 2015, and a conformity car model was set to a car (medium-sized license-adaptive car) more than 5 tons of gross weight. In addition, the 4M42 (T3) model diesel engine equipped with in the car model concerned achieved the NOx&PM10% reduction in exhaust emission regulation and the regulation standard (new long term) in 2005 and did it with eco-car preferential taxation and the low mileage truck subsidy system vs. the elephant cart.
In 2010, I realized the domestic best mileage performance by 2.0t product car by the optimization of the hybrid control program and raised mileage performance about the 3.0t product car still more. I largely reduced each CO2 discharge at the same time.